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Today, having any business at all requires you to have a good online presence. What does an online presence mean? This means much more than having just a regular website. You should be aware that online presence means that people will actually visit your website, so you should employ a good online marketing company to take care of your internet presence. Link building is a common practice, and many medium sized and large businesses employ their own sectors for link building. As a small company, you probably don't have a link building sector, but you can always resource to outsourcing link building.

Outsourcing link building: What is link building anyway?

If you, by any chance, know what link building is, this will serve as a small reminder of how it works. Simply put, link building involves traffic generation for a website. The traffic is generated by establishing inbound links. These links are actually links that lead to the website. The process takes time, as search engines prefer quality links. This means that the websites that have quality links will rank higher than websites that went for quantity. People don't like low quality articles, and because of this they will always choose websites with quality information that has been written well. Outsourcing link building means that you are using services from companies specialized in link building, as oppose to inside link building, which is done from within, without any outside involvement.


Who should use outsourcing link building?

If you are unsure whether an outside link building job is a good option for your business, here are some quick facts about how other businesses take care of their online presence and ranking. Outsourcing link building is a good option for businesses that are smaller in size. When being small, it's usually cheaper to employ somebody from the outside to create web content and articles that will improve your search result ranking. Medium businesses also like to choose this option, as they can use their resources to otherwise improve their services. Large scale businesses have no need for outsourcing, as they have enough employees to do link building themselves.

Outsourcing link building: small businesses and the black hat menace

Small businesses usually choose the outsourcing link building option as a viable one, as they are too small to have a group of people that would deal with link building only. There's a certain risk involved in this, however, as you can't control an outside source and the way they work as efficiently as you can control someone who works for your business. Because of this, it's important to find a link building company that you can trust. Be careful with outside link building and make sure the company that's doing your SEO doesn't use any black hat techniques, as it will cost you a fortune to get back on track once the search engines wipe your stats and ranks. Check the link building company before you decide to trust them, see how they rank and if there are any reviews, as this will help you decide whether you should employ them or not.